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Herman Meyer & Son has compiled an extensive database of the majority of Jewish burials in the Louisville, Kentucky area since 1910 and possibly earlier.  While this service is free of charge, we do ask a donation be made to one of the following charities.


The Janet & Sonny Meyer Family Food Pantry
c/o Jewish Family and Career Services
3587 Dutchmans Lane
Louisville, Kentucky 40205 


or to

The Meyer Family Fund at The Temple
5101 U.S. Highway 42
Louisville, Kentucky 40241


This database only contains information on burials and/or deaths which occurred in the Louisville, Kentucky area and the funeral arrangements were handled by Herman Meyer & Son.  You can now search our records online.  Read the description of the links below and decide which one fits your needs.   If you are not able to find the individuals name on the list, we will not have any information at the office either as the online information is the same information we have.  
As we are able to provide online access to more information, we will post it as soon as possible. 

    View a list of people buried in each Jewish cemetery, maps and headstone photos.



 This is NOT a complete list of everyone buried in the Jewish Cemeteries.  This is an alphabetical list of the services Herman Meyer & Son have handled prior to 2009.  If you are not able to find the person's name here, there is a very good chance we are not going to have any information in our files.  However, we are continually updating our records as individuals provide missing data to us.  Because other funeral homes do use the cemeteries as well, you may find the person listed on the "Jewish Cemeteries" page.  For a complete list of burials in each Jewish Cemetery, click here.  As we photograph each cemetery, we will come across names not in our records.  If you can not find who you are searching for, please call and we may be able to help.  



The names here are listed in alphabetical order by the NAME OF THE CEMETERY, not the individual's name.  This list consists ONLY of burials Herman Meyer & Son has handled.  Most are found in Jefferson County, but there are numerous cemeteries listed from around the country. 

If you prefer to have us look up the information, or if you would like additional information, please contact us via email, by calling or by writing a letter.  We will respond to all inquires as soon as we are able to process your request.  If it has been over 1 week since you inquired through email and have not heard from us, our Spam filter probably stopped your email.  Please call or send a letter requesting your information.  Responses will be made through email ONLY. 

Please provide as much relevant information as you can on the person (s) you are inquiring about.  Relevant information would be: their name, date of death or birth, parents names, the names of any siblings, their spouse or children.  


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Online death certificates for Kentucky

For historical records that may be on file prior to 1911, link to Kentucky Library & Archives 
and the Kentucky History Center listed under their genealogy page.

The following sites have purchased the indexes to post to their web sites.  If you have any problems or questions about the indexes, please contact that site.  The information listed on the indexes may or may not reflect the same information on the original certificate on file in the Office of Vital Statistics due to typing errors when recording the information off the original certificate during processing.

(The Office of Vital Statistics is not responsible for any incorrect information on RootsWeb.  
They do not control the information on Roots Web.  
Some out of state information may be included for Kentucky.)


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