Death Certificates

Certified copies of the death certificate are legal documents issued and charged for by the State of Kentucky and other states.

Because they are legal documents, it is extremely important that you provide us with the correct information when we prepare the original certificate. Please note, photocopies without the raised seal from the Office of Vital Statistics are not accepted as legal documents.

After the original death certificate has been signed by the attending physician or medical examiner and completed by the funeral home, it is filed with the Office of Vital Statistics. Currently, the fee for a certified copy of Kentucky’s death certificate is $6.00 per copy. For the most accurate rate, please contact either the Office of Vital Statistics or you may contact us.

During the funeral arrangement conference, we will ask you how many certified copies of the death certificate you will need. As part of our service, we will obtain and pay for these certified copies on your behalf. If the family needs additional certified copies, they can be obtained by contacting the Office of Vital Statistics directly or by contacting us. We will then order the death certificate(s) from the state for you.

In order to assist you in ascertaining the number of certified copies needed, we have provided a worksheet listing some areas requiring this document:

Amount needed Purpose needed
_____ Life insurance policy(ies)
_____ Pension, IRA and other benefits
_____ Accounts at banks and/or credit unions
_____ Stocks and bonds
_____ Union benefits
_____ Title and deeds to property
_____ Vehicle registration and title changes
_____ Attorneys and CPA
_____ Home mortgage(s)
_____ Other insurance (credit cards, automobile)
_____ For your own records
_____ Cell phone contract
_____ Other needs

*You will not need to provide the Social Security or Veterans Administration with a death certificate as we will notify these organizations for you.

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