Donald M. “Don” Heavrin, 79

Donald M. “Don” Heavrin, 79

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Donald M. “Don” Heavrin, 1941-2020


Whether you loved or despised Don, he was a unique, magnetic character, a complicated one.

Don fed the homeless White Castles on Christmas, yet might curse out a neighbor with the slightest provocation.

To his friends, he gave generous gifts and loans, yet to those who crossed him, he ferociously recollected debts.

Don had an abrasive temper that sent some people away, but he cherished and nourished many enduring friendships.

He had a crass sense of humor, yet would often recite melancholy poetry through teary eyes.

Don always thought he was right, but had enough curiosity and humility to continually strive to learn more.

As a lawyer, he vigorously fought to uphold justice for his clients, yet was a man to whom few rules applied.

Don was not afraid to dance on the edge of trouble, though he always made sure everyone knew where the fire exits were.

He did not want children and some thought he would be unfit for parenting, but he ended up being an obnoxiously proud dad.


A smattering of Don’s feats:

  • Don took on the IRS, on behalf of a client, and won a trial at the US Supreme Court.
  • He got an innocent, yet previously-convicted man another trial, spent his own money to hire expert witnesses, and freed the man from a 25-year sentence.
  • Don was inducted into the Manual High School Hall of Fame for playing a large role in saving the Male vs. Manual Football rivalry by buying band uniforms, athletic equipment, and paying an assistant coach for the other team!
  • He founded the The Donder Society to raise awareness for the true name of the seventh reindeer, Donder.
  • Don owned a dozen businesses, including an oil company, mirror store, health food store, Orange Julius, vending machine company, racing form distribution, and a nightclub.
  • He hosted a political radio show and blog.
  • Don wrote multiple books and hundreds of short stories.
  • Twenty-five years after getting his Juris Doctor, he got his Masters in Liberal Studies just for fun.


Don is survived by his sons Edward and Robert Heavrin, sister Bobbie Bridges and brother-in-law Larry Bridges, nephew Rob Bridges and great nephew Holden Robert Bridges, ex-wife Beverly Heavrin, caretakers and friends Teri and Khaliyah Parks, his beloved alma mater duPont Manual High School, and a bunch of great friends.

Don was preceded in death by his grandparents Emma Jane Kerlin and Clyde Marshall Kerlin, his mother Edna Mae Harrod and father Robert “Bob” Harrod, his dogs ‘Pen Pen the Wonder Dog’ and ‘Emma Jane Pooch.’


Due to COVID, the burial will be private.

There will be a virtual Zoom remembrance where we tell “lies and bad jokes.”  If you would like to attend, or have any observations, condolences, praise or curses for Don, please direct them to his sons Edward (eaheavrin@gmail.com) and Robert (rheavrin@gmail.com).  Please, no need for gifts, donations, etc.


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