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All of our publications are available for viewing at the funeral home and can be read there or borrowed. We ask that you call first to verify that someone will be at the office and make sure that the book or brochure is available.

Mourner's Handbook for Shiva

Mourner’s Hand Book for Shiva by Rabbi Solomon Roodman and Sonny Meyer (brochure) – A brief explanation of traditional Shiva practices.

a time to mourn

A Time to Mourn, A Time to Comfort by Dr. Ron Wolfson (book) – This book “speaks in many voices: the voices of those who have endured grief, the voices of rabbis who deal daily with tragedy, the voices of those who are spiritually searching, and the voices of those who have found their own path through dark times.”

ask the undertaker

Ask The Undertaker Questions from High School Students that Everyone Wants to Know by Guideline Publications (booklet) – “Do you get the body right after the person dies?” “Is embalming gross, and does it smell?” “Do your fingernails and hair grow after you die?” and many other questions.


beyond goodbye

Beyond Goodbye A Guide for Your Journey through Grief by Accord Grief Resources Management (booklet) – a few of the covered topics are: Myths About Grief, Is Everyone’s Grief the Same?, Normal Reactions to Grief, Factors that Influence Grief, Spirituality, Who am I Today?, and many more.

bridges center

Bridges Center by Bridges Center/Hospice (brochure) – explains the services offered to help you “find the information, support and compassionate care that you need to help you understand, cope and find new meaning and purpose in your life.”

cherish and enjoy your belongings

Cherish and Enjoy Your Belongings by Simply Organizing Seniors, LLC (brochure) – discusses “Simply Organizing Seniors”, an organization which provides *Accessibility products *Pick ups for donations *Minor home repairs * Housekeeping *Packing, shipping & moving services *Estate sales or auctions *and much more.

concerning death

Concerning Death: a Practical Guide for the Living by Earl A. Grollman (book) – “…the subject of death is the most signinficant taboo of our socitey. There is a vast conspiracy involved in hushing up the new four-letter word of pornography, D-E-A-D.” Some topics covered are: “Care of the Dying Person”, “The Law and Death”, “The Coroner and Death”, “The Condolence or Sympathy Call” among many more.


Consolation The Spiritual Journey Beyond Grief by Maurice Lamm (booklet) – “…a magnificent work on one of the world’s oldest themes: how to survive and grow through the experience of grief. Psychologically profound, spiritually insightful, wise, literate and humane, this book will change lives.” Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of Britain and the Commonwealth

coping with loss

Coping With Loss by The American Cancer Society and NFDA (brochure) – discusses ways to cope with the loss of a family member or friend. Has numerous suggestions to help you or someone you know work through this time.


Cremation & the Funeral Director

CREMATION and the FUNERAL DIRECTOR by Michael W. Kubasak (book) – suggests ways funeral directors can help a family desiring cremation and gives ideas for the options available to families.

Cremation or Burial...a Jewish view

Cremation or Burial? A Jewish View by Doron Kornbluth (book) – Analyzes the reasons people choose cremation, pointing out many myths and misconceptions along the way, and explains why throughout history Judaism and Jews have insisted on burial.

what a funeral director does

Do You Know What A Funeral Director Does? Funeral Directors Association of Kentucky (brochure) – explains the many tasks associated in planning a funeral.

ease the burden

Ease the Burden by Monumental (brochure) – gives options for the pre-payment of funerals.

end of life

End-of-Life Decisions – Making the right choice for you by National Hospice Organization (booklet) – a publication from Hospice designed to assist in confronting the many decisions and options associated with the end of a life.

Funeral Directors Association

First Funeral Trust of Kentucky Funeral Directors Association of the Falls Cities (brochure) – explains a trust fund you may set up to pre-pay a funeral.

gates of heaven

GATES OF HEAVEN: A HANDBOOK FOR UNVEILINGS AND VISITING THE CEMETERY by Rabbi Ronald H. Isaacs (booklet) – suggestions as to the actual service, readings, biblical passages, graveside meditations and several other important topics regarding unveilings.

goodnight sweet prince

Goodnight, Sweet Prince YOU CAN GIVE A EULOGY by William Schmidt (booklet) – “This booklet takes only 15 to 20 minutes to read.” It includes example eulogies and eight topic pages to assist in preparing a eulogy.

grief and mourning

Grief and Mourning by the Kentucky Department for Mental Health and Mental Retardation Services (booklet) – a brief and basic discussion of the confusion surrounding death and the stages of grief.

grief recovery handbook

The Grief Recovery Handbook THE ACTION PROGRAM FOR MOVING BEYOND DEATH, DIVORCE, AND OTHER LOSSES by John W. James and Russell Friedman (book) – “Incomplete recovery from grief can have a lifelong negative effect on your capacity for happiness. Drawing from their own histories, as well as from others, the authors illustrate what grief is and how it is possible to recover and regain energy and spontaneity. Based on a proven program, now extensively revised, The Grief Recovery Handbook offers grievers the specific actions needed to complete the grieving process and accept loss. For those ready to regain a sense of aliveness, the principles outlined here make this a life-changing handbook.”

holiday help

HOLIDAY HELP Hope & Healing for Those Who Grieve by Sandra Graves, Ph.D., A.T.R. and Sherry L. Williams, R.N., B.A. (booklet) – “What is ‘Holiday Grief’?”, “The Four Fears of Holiday Grief”, “Making Memorials – Making Meaning” and numerous other subjects to help you “survive” holidays.


Hospice – A special way of caring by National Hospice Organization (booklet) – will explain what Hospice is and what they will do for you.

how to survive the loss of a love

How to Survive the Loss of a Love by Melba Colgrove, PH.D., Harold H. Bloomfield, M.D.,& Peter McWilliams (book) – “…the most directly helpful book on the subject of loss ever written. Clear, simple, comforting, inspiring – it gives the reader what he or she needs at each step in the process of recovering from a loss.”

jewish mourning
JEWISH MOURNING by Rabbi Daniel B. Syme (booklet) – The basic answers to the questions Jews ask most about Judaism’s way of mourning.

The Jewish Book of Why Vols.I&II

The Jewish Book of Why Vols. I & II by Alfred J. Kolatch (books) – These books are devoted as an explanation of why specific laws, customs, and ceremonies have evolved. It is not to Advise the Jews how to conduct their lives, but only to explain the reasoning behind the practices.

The Jewish Mourner's Book of Why

The Jewish Mourner’s Book of Why by Alfred J. Kolatch (book) – Explains the whys and wherefores of Jewish death and mourning rites and rituals in a concise, straightforward manner. Unbiased in the author’s approach, the views of all Jewish denominations are represented.

jewish mourners companion

THE JEWISH MOURNER’S COMPANION by Rabbi Zalman Goldstein (book) – “In Jewish tradition, death is not viewed as the end of life, but as a transition from a time of effort to a time of reward. ” “Still, the illness and passing of a loved one is a painful experience. For this reason, Jewish law mandates both caring for the ill and deceased with respect and dignity, and comforting the mourner during his or her time of need.” “The present Companion provides an overview of these Jewish laws and traditions.”

jewish mourners handbook

THE Jewish Mourner’s HANDBOOK by Behrman House, Inc. (booklet) – “Judaism embraces all of life and accepts death as a part of life. That is when ritual shows its greatest strength. There is comfort and security in the knowledge that centuries of tradition lie behind each of these practices, as we do what our parents did before us and their parents before them. ”

The Jewish Way in Death & Mourning
The Jewish Way in Death and Mourning by Maurice Lamm (book) – This is a great book for Rabbis and laymen, alike. It researches into the numerous customs and beliefs, which tend to leave one moribund in the constant preoccupation with death.

letting go with love

Letting Go With Love: The Grieving Process by Nancy O’Connor, Ph.D. (book) – “Most of us don’t know what grief will be like until we experience it firsthand. We expect to be sad and hurt, but we may be surprised to feel other emotions like anger and guilt. We may discover…”

living when a loved one has died

LIVING WHEN A LOVED ONE HAS DIED by Earl A. Grollman (book) – “With the death of a loved one, you feel that part of you has died, too. You fear that your pain will last forever. You ask yourself if you will ever know the meaning of joy again.” This book “was written for you…”

living with loss
Living with Loss, Healing with Hope by Rabbi Earl A. Grollman (book) – this book “illuminates Judaism’s powerful recognition of the trauma of grief and of the mourner’s responsibility eventually to return to the rhythm of life. In a brief final section, ‘A Ritual Guide for the Bereaved,’ the author guides readers through Jewish funeral observances, Shiva, and beyond, and reminds all that these symbolic customs are ‘about change – remembrance, letting go, and moving on.”


Memories – A Celebration of Life by Glenn H. Gregg (book) – “The purpose of MEMORIES is to preserve a written memorial of the person who has died; a written memory that will not be forgotten.”

minhah and maariv

Minhah and Maariv Services for a House of Mourning by Rabbi Bob Freedman (booklet)

mourning & mitzvah

MOURNING & Mitzvah by Anne Brener (book) – “For those who mourn a death, for those who would help them, and for those who face a loss of any kind, Mourning & Mitzvah teaches you the power and strength available to you in the fully experienced mourning process.”


PENINIM ON THE TORAH by Rabbi A. L. Scheinbaum (book) – “Peninim presents a broad-based anthology of though-provoking ideas, homilies, and practical insights.” “The comments and insights compended in this volume are geared for beginner and scholar alike, as many practical messages may be gleaned from this work.”

pet loss
Pet Loss New Leaf resources (brochure) – discussion on the loss of a pet and dealing with your grief.

physical grief

Physical Grief New Leaf resources (brochure) – discussion on the physical effects of death and grief (sudden weight gain, shortness of breath, etc) and what you can do to help yourself through this period of life.

shiva candle

Shiva Candle – an explanation of the tradition


social security

Social Security by Social Security Administration (brochure) – covers these three topics: The importance of Social Security survivors insurance; If you are working…what you need to know about survivors benefits; and When a relative dies…what you need to know about survivors benefits.

they that sow

They That Sow In Tears Coping With Grief Through Gardening by Catherine Chappell Lewis & Charles Nolan Sandifer (book) – “reaches out to grieving readers and encourages them to join the large company of people who have discovered the solace of gardening.” With “the stories of other ‘grief gardeners’ and their own experiences as bereaved parents to offer practical advice that helps the novice or experienced gardener establish a beautiful, meaningful place where ‘They that sow in tears shall reap with joy.'”

time remembered

TIME REMEMBERED – A Journal for Survivors by Rabbi Earl A. Grollman, D. D. (book) – “The approach of this book is different. You are the writer. Only you can express your moods, your pain, and your search for healing.” “As you recall the pages of the past, take your time to consider your individual chapter for the future. One part of your life has ended. You are now writing your new beginnings.”

understanding bereavement and grief

UNDERSTANDING BEREAVEMENT AND GRIEF Editor, Norman Linzer, Ph.D. (book) – “The purpose of this volume is to make available for the general public the thinking and feeling of professionals who are in contact with individuals and families in grief.”

victim information handbook
VICTIM INFORMATION HANDBOOK by MADD (booklet) – “As a crime victim, in the state of Kentucky, you have the right to receive information and the right to be treated with respect and with dignity…”

walking through the valley of the shadow
Walking Through the Valley of the Shadow by Mort Schrag (booklet) – “You feel bewildered, overwhelmed, devastated. The natural order of things has been turned upside-down: Parents should not be burying their children. Nothing can relieve the excruciating pain.”

what helped me when my loved one died

What Helped Me When My Loved One Died by Earl A. Grollman (book) – “An excellent and helpful collection of very real and honest feelings by the only people who really know – those who have been through it.” Monica Dickens, The Samaritans

when death walks in

When Death Walks In by Mark Scrivani (booklet) – “These wondrous, frightening, confusing, painful teen years are full of changes. You’re pulled in a lot of directions by: your friends, their ideas and demands, school, drugs, family, trying to act a certain way. Grief is what you feel when you have a loss, and there are a lot of losses: divorce, not doing well on a test, feeling left out, felling ugly, being sick or disabled. The grief you have when someone dies, however, is different from all others.”

when your parent dies

When Your Parent Has Died New Leaf resources (brochure) – discussion of your new life without a parent and the new relationship you will have with relatives, the feelings of being alone and how your family role will change.

when your spouse dies

When Your Spouse Has Died New Leaf resources (brochure) – “The death of your spouse may have left you wondering. ‘Who am I now?’, ‘What am I going to do?’ and ‘Why do I feel this way?’ ”

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