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All of our publications are available for viewing at the funeral home and can be read there or borrowed. We ask that you call first to verify that someone will be at the office and make sure that the book or brochure is available.

explaining death to children

explaining death to children by earl a. grollman (book) – “What outstanding specialists in child guidance, psychology, sociology, and religion among others recommend to ease a child’s first confrontation with the death of a loved on.” a teacher. Also includes chapters written by Methodist minister Edgar Jackson and Catholic Bishop Thomas J. Riley.

kolie and the funeral

Kolie and the Funeral by Ralph L. Klicker, Ph.D (coloring book) – Kolie is a Koala Bear who’s grandpa died. The book follows Kolie through the burial process. There are suggestions for grownups on the back page.

might be available (limited supply)

talking about death

talking about death a dialogue between parent and child by earl a. grollman (book) – “The first edition of Talking About Death was awarded the Trends citation by UNESCO, and has achieved recognition as a sensitive and helpful work on a long-neglected subject. This edition is accompanied by a greatly expanded Parents’ Guide which suggests a variety of uses for the book, and helps parents themselves to come to terms with death. Also included is a fully annotated listing of resources.”

little talk with god

A LITTLE TALK WITH GOD by Jessie Flynn (book) – when her dad dies and Jessie feels all alone, she remembers what her father had told her to do…

A New Heart for Hannah

A NEW HEART FOR HANNAH by Jessie Flynn (book) – Hannah’s cousin tells her class about Hannah’s new heart and where it came from.

A Visit to the Cemetery

A VISIT TO THE CEMETERY by Jessie Flynn (book) – Amy and her mother visit Grammy Jo’s grave.

Am I Still a Sister

AM I STILL A SISTER? by Alicia M. Sims (book) – “AM I STILL A SISTER? will make you laugh, and cry, and ponder tough questions, and be grateful for an 11-year old girl named Alicia whose wonderful way of describing her own feelings provides the right questions to ask other grieving children to help them heal…” Judy Osgood, bereaved parent – Author, MEDITATIONS FOR BEREAVED PARENTS

Answers to a Child's Questions about Death

Answers to a Child’s Questions About Death by Peter Stillman (booklet) – “This booklet is meant to help younger children cope in healthy, intelligent ways with the shock of a loved one’s death. The questions and answers it contains are cast in language most youngsters can understand, and the concepts covered are well within most children’s grasp.”

ask the undertaker

Ask The Undertaker Questions from High School Students that Everyone Wants to Know by Guideline Publications (booklet) – “Do you get the body right after the person dies?” “Is embalming gross, and does it smell?” “Do your fingernails and hair grow after you die?” and many other questions.

children and grief

Children and Grief: Big Issues for Little Hearts by Johnette Hartnett (book) – After losing her three children in a fire, the author has “aggressively sought out detailed information on grief and the painful aftermath of death.” She has “collected a library of research and attended countless seminars, workshops and professional-level courses.”

the empty place

THE EMPTY PLACE A child’s guide through grief by Roberta Temes, Ph.D. (book) – “When a third grader’s big sister Jennifer dies, the boy is confused, angry, and scared. For the first time, he must face the awful finality of death and the pain of loss.”

helping children cope

Helping Children Cope with the Illness and Death of a Loved One by Joe Ferry, MA, ATR-BC, CPAT and Barbara L. Bouton, MA, CT (booklet) – “One of the most profound and important experiences in your family’s life is sharing in the illness and death of a loved one. This booklet will give you direction, answer questions you may have and help you guide the younger members of your family through this very challenging time.”

holidays special events

HOLIDAYS and SPECIAL DAYS by Jessie Flynn (book) – Though holidays are special occasions, the death of a loved one may cause our happiness to change to sadness and may even make us wish the special day would go away. The book gives suggestions to children on how to feel better and reminds them the person is still alive in their memories.


Hospice – A special way of caring by National Hospice Organization (booklet) – will explain what Hospice is and what they will do for you.

hospice hugs

HOSPICE HUGS by Jessie Flynn (book) – When Paulie’s grandfather becomes very ill, he feels left out and wants to know what is going on. Then Dee, a Hospice nurse, helped Paulie learn how to relate to his grandfather’s new condition and to prepare for his eventual death.

how to explain death to children

How to Explain Death to Children by Rabbi Earl A. Grollman, D. D. (booklet) – answers numerous questions surrounding children and death. Answers questions such as “Should your child attend the funeral?”

dont want to visit

I don’t want to visit Grandma anymore by Norman Geller (book) – Rachel learns how to cope with your grandmother’s stay in a hospital and a nursing home. Rachel learns to not be frightened of all the changes and to realize her grandmother is still the same special person she always was.

not your fault

IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT by Jessie Flynn (book) – dealing with loss and realizing the true cause of a person’s death.

pet loss

Pet Loss New Leaf resources (brochure) – discussion on the loss of a pet and dealing with your grief.

rachel upsidedown heart

RACHEL AND THE UPSide DOWN HeaRt by eileen douglas (book) – “Readers of all ages learn that the death of a loved one can, with time and faith, be accepted. A parable that touches every heart…” Norman Vincent Peale

suicide in the young

Suicide in the Young by Rabbi Earl A. Grollman, D. D. (brochure) – “this brochure will try to bring this difficult topic into the open, to talk about popular misconceptions, recognize danger signals, learn what we can do to take preventive measures, and finally offer meaningful support for those who have experienced the intolerable loss of a young loved one through self-inflicted death.”

straight talk about death for teenagers

STRAIGHT TALK ABOUT DEATH FOR TEENAGERS How to Cope with Losing Someone You Love by Earl A. Grollman (book) – “I wish I could send Earl Grollman’s book to every one of the thousands of teens who write me in their pain and confusion over a death. How relieved these young people would be to discover that others also feel angry, mean, guilty, alone and wretched as well as sad.” Beth Winship, “Ask Beth” columnist

teen grief

Teen Grief: When A Friend or Someone You Loved Has Died by Accord (brochure) – helps teens understand why they feel the way they do, how long these feelings will last and what they can do while coping with a death.

timothy duck

Timothy Duck – the story of the death of a friend by Lynn Bennett Blackburn (book) – Timothy Duck never stopped to think about death or how he would feel if someone he loved died. Then his best person-friend go sick. Suddenly Timothy had all kinds of feelings he’d never had before.” “This story is all about the feeling part and the getting better part, too. We hope Timothy will be a helpful friend.”

too young to die

TOO YOUNG TO DIE Youth and Suicide by Francine Klagsbrun (book) – “With openness and sensitivity, Ms. Klagsbrun gives practical advice on recognizing and dealing with the cries for help that precede a suicide attempt. Drawing on interviews with young people who have tried to kill themselves, as well as surveys, case histories and extensive research, she explains the underlying motives and causes, points out the danger signals and explores the role of family, teachers and friends in giving aid and support in a suicide crisis.”

what is cremation

WHAT IS CREMATION? by Jessie Flynn (book) – Grandpa Jack explains his wish of cremation to his grandchildren. He tells them what it means and that his ashes can be buried at their special place and that will help the flowers grow.

when children grieve

WHEN CHILDREN GRIEVE by John W. James and Russell Friedman (book) – “for adults to help children deal with death, divorce, pet loss, moving and other losses.”

when a friend dies

When A Friend Dies A Book for Teens About Grieving & Healing by Marilyn E. Gootman, Ed.D. (book) – “If you are grieving the death of a friend, do something for yourself. Take the time to read this book. It isn’t very long – there aren’t a lot of words – but you may find the help you need to cope with your sadness and begin to heal.”

parent dies
When Your Parent Has Died New Leaf resources (brochure) – discussion of your new life without a parent and the new relationship you will have with relatives, the feelings of being alone and how your family role will change.

who lives happily ever after

Who Lives Happily Ever After? A handbook for families whose child has died violently by Sharon Turnbull (book) – “Your child died a senseless, tragic death. you’ve never felt more lost and confused. It’s hard to think, eat, or sleep. There are many questions and no one has the answers. You feel…”

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