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Association of Kentucky

kyfda logoAs early as 1861, persons engaged in funeral service met informally to discuss issues of common interest. Mr. T. J. Danahy of Lexington had been in correspondence with the undertakers of the various towns and cities in Kentucky in an effort to organize a convention or association for the purpose of mutual assistance, information, and so forth for a year. Then in 1882, the formal organization of the Kentucky Undertaker’s Association was established statewide. With this humble, yet sturdy beginning, The Funeral Directors Association of Kentucky was born. It has continued to this day as a strong organization to promote high professional ideas and public service.

Green Burial Council

The Green Burial Council is a non-profit organization working to make burial more sustainable, economically viable, and meaningful.

We aim to reduce the carbon emissions, waste and the use of toxic chemicals in the cemetery/funeral field and utilize burial as a means of acquiring, restoring, and stewarding natural areas.

Founded in 2005, the Council has emerged as the “gold standard” among consumers, land trusts, park service agencies, cemetery operators, funeral homes, cremation companies and product suppliers.

How are we doing it?

  • By developing a certification program that is bringing about a new ethic in death care rooted in transparency, accountability and ecological responsibility;
  • By building out an international network of “approved providers” ;
  • By educating the environmental/conservation community and the death care profession about opportunities to make burial better serve the planet; and
  • By supporting legislative efforts aimed at protecting the legitimate ecological/social benefits associated with eco-friendly death care.
The Jewish Funeral Directors of America

Jewish Funeral Directors of America
The Jewish Funeral Directors of America (JFDA) is an International association of funeral homes who predominantly serve members of the Jewish faith. The JFDA was organized in 1932 and since that time has been assisting people of the Jewish faith arrange meaningful and affordable funerals in the Jewish tradition. Herman Meyer & Son, Inc. is proud to have been a member of JFDA since 1946. We recognize that that Jewish funeral service is a calling with great responsibilities, demanding high professional and service standards, eminently fair an honorable dealing with all whom we are called to serve, reaffirms this Code of Ethics and Professional Guide, obligating each of us, always to conduct ourselves and our establishments in keeping with the great traditions of our calling and our faith.

Independent Jewish Funeral Chapels
Founded in 2002, the National Independent Jewish Funeral Directors are providers of Jewish funeral services. We formed this group to create a network of independent family owned Jewish funeral providers to support one another in this changing environment and where many have expressed a need to have an individual service provider who is independent and will facilitate as an advocate for the families that we are all privileged to serve. In 2006, the organization changed its name to Kavod – The Independent Jewish Funeral Chapels. KAVOD in Hebrew means honor, respect, esteem, strong moral principles, and a source of pride. It is with these ideals that this organization has dedicated itself to having only the highest level of family owned Jewish firms as part of its’ organization. With this, the organization became recognized by other national organizations, including the National Funeral Directors Association, Selected Independent Funeral Homes, the International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards, and the International Order of the Golden Rule, as consultants for Jewish funerals.

National Burial Company

The environmental impact of current funeral and cemetery practices is growing too clear to ignore. Everything we bury now that does not degrade thoroughly over time is there for the next generation to dig up and pay to manage tomorrow. The future costs of clean-up are rising everywhere. Savvy developers know that. So do citizens and cemetery owners.

Natural burial is not only beautiful (thanks to the diverse habitat and beautiful landscapes it creates) – it’s practical, too. So is clean cremation, and – in our experience and contrary to popular belief – the USA is filled with practical people. Actually, most people around the world are practical, really, when you get right down to it – and when they’re clear on the choices and the consequences of their actions, most people want to do the right thing. It’s only a matter of time, and of providing sustainable options.

We can’t bury plastic and stamped steel and chipboard and embalming fluid forever. The tide will turn, and natural burial will become one of the answers for a growing number of environmentally concerned people. As the paradigm shift around a natural end of life happens, a variety of opportunities will open up for both service and livelihood. The Natural Burial Company is working to help that happen.

National Funeral Directors Association
NFDA’s Mission Statement: The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) is the worldwide resource and advocate across all facets of funeral service dedicated to high ethical standards and helping members provide meaningful service to families.

As the leading funeral service organization in the United States, NFDA provides a national voice for the profession and is dedicated to serving the public. With more than 20,300 members, NFDA has been the premier organization chosen by top licensed funeral directors for more than 120 years. Licensed funeral directors, embalmers, mortuary science students and retired funeral service professionals are all eligible for NFDA membership. NFDA members stand for credibility, ethics, excellence and trust.

Upon joining NFDA, members agree to abide by NFDA’s Code of Professional Conduct. This code addresses the funeral director’s obligations to the families they serve and the decedents, as well as the public, government and NFDA. The code assures consumers of the high ethical standards upheld by NFDA members. Violations of the code may subject the member to disciplinary action in accordance with the NFDA Constitution and NFDA Bylaws.

NFDA’s professional development programming offers more innovative continuing education opportunities and resources than any other funeral service organization to meet the needs and flexible schedules of funeral service professionals. Options include conferences, seminars, workshops, home study alternatives, online learning, teleconferences, web seminars, and the only national preplanning certification program. NFDA programs and events cover the skills funeral service professionals need to know to provide excellence in service to families and to run successful businesses. As NFDA continues to conduct research and monitor trends, we also regularly update continuing education programming as well as career resources and information for the profession and the public.

Herman Meyer & Son, Inc. joined NFDA in the 1920’s.

Selected Independent Funeral Homes
Founded in 1917 as National Selected Morticians, we are a worldwide professional association of over 1,400 independent, locally-owned funeral homes. Our members operate under the strictest standards and best practices to offer you confidence and preserve your trust during times of need. As a professional association, we actively monitor our members to help ensure that you and your loved ones receive the best care available when choosing a member of Selected Independent Funeral Homes.

Our member firms are operated by trusted, local professionals who are often considered leaders in their communities. Many of our funeral homes are run by multi-generation families who have a long tradition of helping people. They are determined to offer consumers Knowledgeable guidance, helpful information and a wide range of choices in creating a meaningful tribute following the death of a loved one.

Herman Meyer & Son, Inc. was asked to join Selected Independent Funeral Homes in 1996.

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