Shoshana Susan Katz, 79

Shoshana Susan Katz, 79

star e1595776491590 February 19, 2021 ~ 7 Adar 5781


Our beloved mother, Shoshana S. Katz, was born in Romania, Dec 1941 in the midst of the Second World War.   She was raised under unspeakably difficult circumstances and in spite of this she provided us an incredible life.  We were raised privileged.  Certainly not with material wealth but with the incredible love she provided.  Her immense selflessness and care for family turned us into who we are today.


She remained quiet about much of her upbringing but lying next to her last night dying, we feel honored and obliged to recount our humble roots. Unfathomably, months after her birth Dec 1941 she and her family were taken by the Nazis and forced into a concentration camp in Feb 1942. An infant, she was smuggled out of the camps and watched over by a Christian family until 1945.  


She later lived in a refugee camp in Cyprus from 1945-1948 thereafter making Aliyah to Israel May 1948. She would always remind us of how happy she was as a child despite her tumultuous upbringing living in a tent until May 1950. Despite this she was able to raise three successful children who married and produced 8 amazing grandchildren. 


You would think her hardships would create a tough persona but she was the sweetest and most selfless person we knew. Everyone else always came first. While writing this, one of our parent’s former neighbors reminded us how she would leave dinner at his doorstep while he was in dental school. 


She cherished each and every one of us especially our father.  She was simple and didn’t care for the material. She was always thankful and demonstrated deep gratitude for all that she had.  Humility was her modus operandi and she never sought for more.  She loved to teach, cook, bake, read, laugh and was deeply in love with our father.  


Our mother, the baleboste, will be forever missed.  


Shoshana is survived by her husband, Yoram Katz; Her son, Ron Katz and his wife, Jan and their children, Sean, Mason, and Samantha Katz; Her son, Aviv Katz and his wife, Yvette Klein and their children, Ari, Sammy, and Daniel Katz; And her daughter, Orit Goldstein and her husband, Jon Goldstein and their children, Elyssa and Julia Goldstein.  


Funeral services will be privately held on Sunday, February 21, 2021 with burial in Anshei Sfard Cemetery. Memorials may be made to www.yadvashem.org


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