Yarhzeit Calendar

* The Hebrew Calendar runs from Sundown to Sundown. If death occurred after Sundown, use the next Gregorian Calendar day.

Yizkor Dates

What Is Yizkor?

Yizkor, the memorial prayer for departed loved ones, is said four times a year: The eighth day of Passover, the second day of Shavuot, Yom Kippur, and Shemini Atzeret.

 22 Nissan7 Sivan10 Tishrei22 Tishrei
Year8th Day of Passover2nd Day of ShevuothYom KippurShemini-Atzereth
2018Apr. 7May 21Sept. 19Oct. 1
2019Apr. 27June 10Oct. 9Oct. 21
2020Apr. 16May 30Sept. 28Oct. 10
2021Apr. 4May 18Sept. 16Sept. 28
2022Apr. 23June 6Oct. 5Oct. 17
2023Apr. 13May 27Sept. 25Oct. 7
2024Apr. 30June 13Oct. 12Oct. 24
2025Apr. 20June 3Oct. 2Oct. 14